I should have started this months ago

I’ve been procrastinating on starting this blog of my process. In fact, with the slow death of LiveJournal, I’ve failed to write about my adoption process at all, so for a while, I’m going to be playing catch-up, which I know can be boring, but look at it this way: you’re going to get compressed information without having to wait for it to be dolled out piece by piece, Hooray! So, before I go backwards, let me just quickly sum up where I am today:

  • Officially matched with a birthmother. I’m going to refer to her as BMA for now, and avoid giving identifying information until I’ve discussed privacy with her directly.
  • BMA is due to deliver in mid-November. More lead time than I anticipated, but wow, four months.
  • I am going to visit BMA and her family next week.
  • I’m trying not to jinx things by doing too much preparation, but I am crafting like a mofo.

So welcome, and hopefully I’ll be able to integrate back information with new developments as they rush rush rush down the pike.


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