Crafting Photo Post

Another one! I finished my first ever quilt on Sunday. The people at the craft store I was working at (Gather Here in Cambridge) were very impressed, and I’m happy about it too. In addition below the cut, a cute circular baby afghan that seems destined to become a security blanket that I finished very late Tuesday night while watching season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Also on Tuesday, I made three sweet preserves: Blueberry/Balsamic/Black Pepper Jam, a double batch of Blueberry/Ginger Jam, and Kiwi Preserves (no link, since it was actually ::gasp:: from a physical cookbook). I picked the blueberries on Monday near Pinewoods with some of my favorite people in the world who are working there for the summer, and the kiwis came in our Boston Organics box, but were sitting on the counter going bad before anyone ate them. And not last week, but the week before, I made Black Forest Preserves and Zesty Watermelon Jelly. OK! Photos below!

My first ever quilt!

A close-up of the quilting on the central square of the quilt.

A pretty flower afghan

My jam varieties for the summer so far.


5 thoughts on “Crafting Photo Post

  1. My batch of that jam turned out amazingly. Today Laura and I made ginger peach and also some radish pickles. Good luck with your future canning endeavors? Love.

  2. Wow, everything looks awesome! The Black Forrest and Zesty Watermelon were both great, and I’m sure these will be too. I agree that afghan has definite security blanket potential, but you never know what kids will do. (For example, I was obsessed with my first teddy bear and named him, wait for it, Irving.)

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