A letter to BMA

Dear BMA,
I want to start off by apologizing: I’m not going to be able to visit you in Philly during September or October. Some sudden changes, both good and bad, have made it so I don’t have a few days in a row to spare, and although I’ve tried to shift my calendar around, I just can’t make it work. The good: I got a new job, which I’m very excited about. It’s part-time, so I’ll have more time to parent once the baby comes, and it’s in a great school that I’m really lucky to be a part of. The bad: one of my housemates broke her foot and had to have surgery, so all of us are having to work harder around the house to make sure everything gets done. I’m especially frustrated that I can’t get some time right now, because I want to have time to get to know you better before the baby comes, and I’m sure you want to get to know me better, too. I also want to talk about names and some other post-birth stuff, like how often you want to get letters and photos and what you want those to look like. I’m even more awkward on the phone than I am in person, but if you’d like to set up a call between now and November, please just text me and let me know some times that would work for you. If you’re fine putting off talking about things until November, then I’ll sit tight until you’re in Maine. I hope you’re enjoying the first hints of fall as much as I am; thank God, the heat seems to be behind us for this year.


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