Medical Culture

Quick linkpost.

From WBUR’s Common Health blog, an article about a move in Massachusetts to ban “early elective deliveries”. Although I’d argue that BMA’s desire to be induced now is neither early (she’s past due) nor elective (she has to be induced), she is certainly caught up in a shift in medical culture. This helps explain part of why her heath care experience is so different compared to her previous pregnancies.


One thought on “Medical Culture

  1. This article is sort of bent towards blaming the patients/mothers for elective early delivery, and glosses over the amount of these early deliveries that were/are really for the convenience of the doctor. I think that the hospital policies are aimed at keeping the doctors from pushing the idea of early induction on women, which is on the whole a good idea.
    Though it is unfortunate that the new policy is getting in the way of a lady who is over-due, having contractions, and had to be induced in the past.
    B’Sha’ah Tova!

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