Muppets Make Everything Better

Despite having a migraine the night/morning before, yesterday’s visit went swimmingly. Lunch out, with I9 actually recognizing he was full and saving some food for later. J8 also commented on my puff levels (although only in the literal sense); my hair is getting big this winter. It’s been so long since I’ve had untreated hair that I’m not sure how to keep it from getting so puffy. Then, we went to see The Muppets.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve seen The Muppet Movie probably 30 times. It’s my family’s movie. Before BMA and I were matched, when I heard about The Muppets coming out over Thanksgiving, which is my family’s big holiday, it sounded like the perfect confluence of events. Everyone would be in DC for the holiday weekend, and we’d see a new chapter in our family’s favorite franchise. As it was, only Evora and Hailey were with my parents in DC for the holiday, so I ended up sending everyone the following Truth or Fail instead.

Anyway, I9 fell asleep during the movie (which evidently happens every time), but J8, I6, and BMA all loved it, as did I. Hooray for Muppets!

Today, I will leave the house, I mean it. Since my favorite Gather Here lady is working today, I’m thinking of spending most of the day there working on a quilt. Stop by if you want to look at pretty things, because it’s so pretty in there.


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