Last-minute Crafting

Things are imminent; so imminent that I can’t concentrate enough to post a piece I’ve been thinking about all weekend, so that will have to wait until I’m unable to sleep tomorrow night. Anyway, I’ve done a lot of crafting since my last post about it, and while I don’t have photos for most of it (and it’s packed away in the car), I did finish my second quilt on Thursday.

It’s a functional quilt, but I thought it looked best in the window above the co-sleeper sidecar for now. The quilt is entirely made out of scraps from my collection (including the back!) except for four charms, and I’m very proud of it. Other things I’ve done include soaker covers, an octopus, a hat, a second afghan, and a bag to put the baby in. I spent the time I couldn’t sleep last night planning my next quilt, for which I predict great things. I’ve got a cross-stitch project to take with me, although I’ll probably want something more mindless, but since I’ve got two cross-stitches on the go, I shouldn’t start another crochet project just yet.


2 thoughts on “Last-minute Crafting

  1. Holy crap – R made me come look at this because she said it was so incredible. and indeed it is! where did you learn to quilt like that? what a lucky baby to have so much homemade stuff that they will pass down to their own children. i have a few crocheted outfits and blankets and handmade dolls my own kids now have.

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