With gratitude to God, his birth mother, and Acadia Adoption Services, I am thrilled to announce the birth of Overton Markel Butler. He was delivered on 12/06/11 at 19:07, had an initial Apgar of 3, but perked up to 9, and left the hospital today. His birth mother is recovering back with her family, Lee and Overton are getting to know one another up here in Portland, ME, and will be returning to Cambridge and Beis Toorbina by 12/20/11.


16 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. i am so absolutely thrilled for both of you! what a wonderful and sweet way to become a family in this crazy universe. my hugs, love and cozy sleepy well wishes to you both! 🙂

  2. I just keep looking at this beautiful picture of this beautiful baby and thinking “Wow, I’m going to meet this baby soon!”.

  3. oh. hello, small person. do you know how wonderful you are? because I am sure that you already know that you are loved. welcome! we’re very excited to meet you.

  4. Indeed, good luck to the both of you!
    My high school had a dorm named Overtoun, pronounced Over-ton, which for no reason could ever figure out was nicknamed Tron. Welcome little Tron.

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