LazyBlogging: Some responses from friends of my parents to the birth announcement:

  • He looks like a big baby and he seems to have very long fingers.  Maybe you’ve got a basketball player in the family.
  • NBA and a Rhodes Scholar would be a good combination.
  • Overton looks darling and healthy.  That’s wonderful.
  • Overton is gorgeous – love u all an love to u all…Overton is a fabulous name:)
  • Congratulations! Overton! A distinguished name, a man to be reckoned with. So glad that you had this marvelous experience to share with Lee. Your experience is unique, and I’d love to hear more about it when you get back.
  • Congratulations, Susan and Dixon, on Overton’s birth and best wishes to Lee as he enters this most exciting journey of parenthood.  Of course we wish Overton a great life full of good health, joy, and much happiness.
  • Oh, thank you for sending us a pic of Overton. He looks precious! Don’t be shy, Nonna, about sending more and more. Can’t wait to hold him, hug him and when no one’s looking, kiss him.
  • Beautiful baby. So exciting. I don’t think people can understand the blessing these special kids bring to all of us. It’s what it’s all about.
  • What a sweetheart. Smiling when he sleeps. This is a good sign. I hope all are have a joyous time.
  • He’s a good looking guy all right. Me thinks he is smiling at the world.
  • Gorgeous! He may have taken his time to come into this world, but he certainly came in robust! Vitality!
  • Congratulations, and many deep breaths!
  • He’s darling. Ah, life!

2 thoughts on “Lazyblog

  1. I asked Dov about the long fingers. When he meets a newborn the first thing he tells the parent is what sort of instrument the child would be best suited for. He said very possibly a woodwind players fingers adding ” we may have to tell lee not to give away his bassoon”.

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