O’s got a cold, and he’s pretty congested. It’s not the first time he’s been congested, but it’s making him snore a lot, and I’ve been trying to clear his nostrils all day. When I was a kid, and by kid, I mean late teenager, being congested really freaked me out. I remember making my mom sit in my room with me until I fell asleep because I was scared I would stop breathing. O keeps startling himself awake, but I’d be surprised if I slept well tonight; I want to listen to him breath. The first night that I had him with me, I put him in the bassinet to sleep, but woke up a few times in the night in a panic and had to wake him up to make sure he was still breathing. I forgot to take my meds this morning (and yesterday morning), and it’s amazing how quickly my thoughts can go to the dark and lonely place even after an excellent Purim. The housemates dressed O as NyanCat, so that was awesome. Pics to come when I get them off of friends.


2 thoughts on “Colds

  1. The old bubbilah trick is to place a mirror under their nose. That way you can see the condensation of their breath without waking them up.

  2. Sometimes, I really miss Vicks Vaporub. Poor little O – I hope he dispatches this virus quickly and thoroughly!

    Let us know if we should send over some chicken soup. For you.

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