Six Months

I have many thoughts in my head, and several things to blog about, but I also have a baby and job interviews and twenty more books to read before Annual, so on this, O’s half birthday, I think I’ll just share the letter I sent his birthmother today.

Dear BMA:

Six months! O is getting ready to crawl, scootching himself forward and backward on the floor when I put him there. Soon, I won’t be able to put him down and be able to find him where I left him. I got him a high chair, and he likes sitting in it, but still always prefers to be held by someone. He’s still teething, but no teeth yet! Just a lot of drool and crankiness. But I have discovered that he likes some fruits, especially melons and oranges. He likes to gum them to get the juice and use the skins as chew toys.

We’re going to be travelling a lot this month, starting with a trip last weekend to visit my parents, who were overjoyed as always to spend time with their grandson. My grandma also came up to see O, and she held him for a bit, but he’s getting too big for her to hold. He also, as always, charmed people on the airplane as well. I had to tell him that our seatmate didn’t want his pacifier, and he babbled at everyone until he finally fell asleep.

The other night, while he was sleeping, I heard O giggle in his sleep! It was incredible. I wonder what such a little one has to dream about, but I’m glad it was a happy dream. He’s been sleeping a lot lately; I think he’s going through another growth spurt. If it’s as big as the last one, he’ll be taller than a friend of mine’s 18 month old! I hope the beginning of summer is treating you well, and that it’s not as much of a scorcher in Philly as last summer.



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