Today, I have to re-interview for my job. Given the climate around educators in this country, I wouldn’t be surprised if this will be the case for every provisional teacher in the next few years. It sucks, but I understand the reasons why the administration is doing the things they are. But it’s profoundly opened up the ways in which I envision the future. Simply put, I’m also applying for jobs in other places.

I love where I live. Love it. But I recognize that many of the things I love about it are not going to last, or are things I love from before I became a parent. I love my friends who live here, but several moved away last year, and more will do so in the coming years. I love my synagogue, but it does not have any real education for children, which might be fine if I was planning to send O to day school, but I’m not. I love its diversity, and that won’t change, but I don’t love the lack of a strong black middle class. I love the park across the street. I love my house, and I’ll love it more if I end up being able to do the renovations I have planned. I love the stitch shop down the street, the coffee house that has enough space to be welcoming to toddlers, the library, the T, the greenness of the city, the quick drive to farms and orchards. I love my job.

But would I love similar things in another city? What else would I find to love? I’ve often felt I would hate living in NYC, but the diversity in the Jewish community there is excellent, and I have friends and family there. What about Philly? Would being that close to BMA be a problem or a blessing? Would it be feasible to move back to DC? My parents are there, I know the city, but is there a job for me in the worst school district in the country? A job I could keep and keep my sanity and conscience?

And if I moved, would I still be able to work with Acadia? Would I want to? How would moving affect my adoption timeline? I matched with BMA when I was in the process of leaving one job and I didn’t know where I would end up. That worked out for the best, but I won’t deny that being unemployed added a level of anxiety to the whole proceeding.

Hopefully it will all be moot, I will keep my job and my home and my life as it is. Maybe I’ll get another job in this district, or a neighboring one. I will be able to go ahead with my summer renovation, planting, and preserving plans. (I’ve just joined Punk Domestics, so I may be doing more preserving posts on here in order to submit there.) But if I don’t, my next steps are far from clear.


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