2 Years Old

I know it’s totally cliche, but it’s hard to believe that O is 2. I mean, not from his behavior; he’s a totally typical two-year-old, full of curiosity and growth and mood swings. More that it’s been two years already since that day in Maine when BMA gave birth. It’s been two years already since that week and a half babymoon in a small hotel, being afraid he would stop breathing, watching too much TV and trying to work on a baby blanket that never even got halfway done. It’s been two years already since I gave my child his name and became a father.

Even with the two parties that my parents and friends threw, it doesn’t feel quite real. There’s no way that this kid has been part of my life for two years. The things I remember doing before he was born seem like they could have happened last week, not more than two years in the past. And yet, how can it only have been two years? The changes that I knew were coming have come, and it’s like there wasn’t any change, because this is the way it’s always been, right? And what changes are coming, now that I’m planning to do it again?

So happy birthday, my beautiful son. Happy O’s birthday, BMA. Happy father’s day to me.


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